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Can we talk about how moral compass Scott McCall stole money from a police investigation to pay off his mom’s and the Stilinski’s bills?

Can we talk about how Scott hadn’t decided what to do with the money, because he knows its wrong, so he went to STILES, who also…

I just? I don’t know if that last comment was directed at me but ??? I’m ecstatic over Scott straying off his path and thinking about himself for once (except he’s not really because as you pointed out Stiles and Lydia need help too). That was literally a post praising Scott, so ??? I LITERALLY JUST WANT TO TALK ABOUT SCOTT MCCALL

( plus i’d appreciate it if you came to my ask with this kind of stuff so i don’t get a rep for hating scott from everyone who reblogs your addition thanks)





how do astronauts say they’re sorry?

they apollo-gize!!

We dont apologize.

we are perfect.

nasa i know of at least 2 exploded spaceships that beg to differ

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Fall Out Boy, Dead on Arrival

I hope this is the last time,
'Cause I'd never say no to you
This conversation’s been dead on arrival

My favorite way to blow off steam is to sing obnoxiously loud in the shower.

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Teen Wolf 4x07 “Weaponized” Promo (1080p HD)